Executive Committee

Julie A. Peterson
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Nicole Marie Sleddens
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Robert LeRoy Griese
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Sara E. Bills
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Karen Abboud
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Section 1. Composition
The Chapter Executive Committee shall consist of nine (9) members of the Chapter membership: 4 officers, 3 district chairpersons, the Chief Delegate, and 1 Physical Therapist Assistant representative.

Section 2. Qualifications
Only such members of the Chapter as are provided for in the Association bylaws, Article IV, Section 2, sub-paragraph B (3) b who have consented to serve, shall be eligible for election to office. Physical Therapist Assistants and Life Physical Therapist Assistants may hold office subject to the limitations specified in the Association bylaws, Article V, Section 4, sub-paragraph C.

Section 3. Terms and Vacancies
A. They shall be elected for a term of two (2) years, except for the Chief Delegate, or until their successors are elected. The Executive Committee members are not limited to the number of terms they may serve.
B. Vacancies
(1) If before the expiration of term for which the President was elected, the President dies, moves from the state, is removed from office, resigns or becomes disqualified the Vice President will succeed the vacated office of the President.
(2) If before the expiration of term for Vice President, the Vice President dies, moves from the state, is removed from office, resigns, or becomes disqualified for office or replaces the President, a temporary Vice President shall be appointed by the Executive Committee from one of the three (3) district chairpersons for the period until the next Chapter meeting at which time a Vice President will be elected by the membership to finish the remainder of the term of Vice President.
(3) If any other elected officer dies, resigns, moves out of the state, is removed from office, or becomes disqualified, a replacement for the office shall be appointed from the membership by the Executive Committee.

Section 4. Officers
The officers of the Chapter shall be:
(1) President - Chair of Panel on Professional Practice
(2) Vice President - Chair of Panel on Education and Research
(3) Secretary - Chair of Panel on Member Services
(4) Treasurer - Chair of Panel on Finance

Respective responsibilities:
A. The President shall:
(1) Serve as the official spokesperson of the Chapter.
(2) Act as liaison with the Association.
(3) Preside at all Chapter meetings.
(4) Chair the Executive Committee.
(5) Assist in delegating Chapter business.
(6) Serve as chairperson for the Panel on Professional Practice.
(7) Chair the Legislative Affairs Committee.
(8) Serve as an advisor to the President and Executive Committee in the role as Past-President at the end of term for the period of one (1) year.
(9) May have other duties as defined by the Chapter.

B. The Vice President shall:
(1) Serve as chairperson for the Panel on Education and Research.
(2) Act as ex-officio member of all Chapter committees, except the Nominating Committee and Ethics Committee.
(3) Assume the duties of the President in the President's absence.
(4) Shall be the Executive Committee liaison for the Nebraska Student Special Interest Group (NSSIG).
(5) May have other duties as defined by the Chapter.

C. The Secretary shall:
(1) Serve as chairperson for the Panel on Member Services
(2) Be responsible for the minutes of the Chapter meetings.
(3) Be responsible for the minutes of the Executive Committee meetings.
(4) Be responsible for development of the agenda and content of business meetings in conjunction with the Executive Committee, Executive Secretary, and Chapter membership.
(5) May have other duties as defined by the Chapter.

D. The Treasurer shall:
(1) Serve as chairperson for the Panel on Finance.
(2) Be custodian of all Chapter funds, in conjunction with the Chapter’s Executive Secretary, except those under jurisdiction of the districts.
(3) Receive all funds assigned to the Chapter, including but not limited to Chapter dues and special assessments.
(4) Distribute to the district portions of funds allotted to those districts.
(5) Oversee and co-sign for disbursement of all other funds only upon approval of the Executive Committee.
(6) Keep true and accurate records that shall be the property of the Chapter.
(7) Submit a written financial report at the Annual Meeting and to the Executive Committee upon request.
(8) Be bonded with the Chapter bearing the expense.
(9) Submit a formal budget to the Chapter at the Annual Meeting.
(10) In conjunction with the Chapter Executive Director, provide records to the CPA for annual audit/compilation and shall carry out recommended changes in financial procedures as suggested by the CPA in this report.
(11) May have other duties as defined by the Chapter.

Section 5. Duties of the Executive Committee shall include but not limited to:
(1) Carrying out the mandate of the Chapter as defined by the membership.
(2) Have full power and complete authority to perform all acts and to transact all business for and on behalf of the Chapter between meetings of the Chapter according to these bylaws and of the Association bylaws and all resolutions and enactments of the membership.
(3) Further responsibilities of the Executive Committee and elected officers are defined in the Chapter Rules and Regulations.

Section 6. Conduct of Business
The Executive Committee of the Chapter shall hold a minimum of two (2) regular meetings for the conduct of business during the fiscal year and any other such meetings that are necessary shall be called by the President of the Chapter. Notice of meetings shall be sent to the members ten (10) days prior to that date of the meeting. A quorum for transaction of business at any meeting, regular or special, shall consist of a majority present. A special meeting must be called upon written petition of 50% of the Executive Committee membership. This is to provide an avenue for the Executive Committee to ensure the President is responding to their needs and concerns.