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Letter From President Grace Knott l COVID 19 Update

Dear Members,

We all have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and charting through new territories.   The Nebraska Chapter is dedicated to providing resources to our members to help you make informed decisions regarding your practice and the patients that you serve.  Physical therapy is classified as essential health care during this pandemic.  We have an opportunity to rise up and show our value not only as physical therapists but as a vital part of the healthcare team.  With potential strain on the healthcare community, physical therapists can step up and provide care where needed within our practice act. 

As you discern your decision in continuing to provide services in your clinic and community, you will need to consider the type of patients you serve, where they are at in their recovery, and other factors in deciding if you will see them in a clinic, at home or through an e-visits or not at all.    Lastly when making decisions regarding continuing to see patients, please refer to your communities’ current restrictions.  Also, review your clinic’s infection control plan and universal precautions plan.  

We can make a difference if we do see patients who have acute pain, migraines, post-operative care needs.  These are patients that many times can end up in an urgent care center, emergency department or a doctor’s office.  We can help to reduce the load on these places.   Please read APTA President Dunn’s article on the COVID-19 Impact to help you make decisions in the coming weeks about your PT practice. 

In addition, the Centers for Disease Control has excellent resources and below is that link:

The Nebraska Chapter is working with insurance companies to relax or eliminate policies that make it difficult for the community to access our services.  Currently Medicare does not reimburse physical therapy for telehealth but will for e-visits.  Blue Cross and Blue Shield today stated that they will not pay physical therapists for telehealth but the Nebraska Chapter will continue to advocate for this. 

Below is an excellent resource of frequently asked questions about how to deliver and bill for e-visits for Medicare patients.

This is information on how to deliver and bill for physical therapy for a Medicaid beneficiary:

Other things to consider when determining if a payer is allowing telehealth delivered by PTs:

Also, APTA has a webinar on “Implementing Telehealth in your Practice STAT:  Practical Guidance from Experienced Telehealth PTs” planned for March 26, 2020.

If you have any resources, you would like to share with our members, please send those resources to me at [email protected].   This is a time to share and communicate with each other.


Yours in health,

Grace Knott PT

NE Chaper of the APTA President