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Aerobic exercise for women during pregnancy.

Abstract of the Week: May 28, 2018 Review of aerobic exercise during pregnancy

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Origins in the Womb: Potential Role of the Physical Therapist in Modulating the Deleterious Effects of Obesity on Maternal and Offspring Health Through Movement Promotion and Prescription During Pregnancy.

Abstract of the Week: May 21, 2018 The role of physical therapists in managing the effects of obesity during pregnancy.

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Obstetric risk factors for urinary incontinence and preventative pelvic floor exercises: cohort study and nested randomized controlled trial.

Abstract of the Week: May 15, 2018 Risk factors for urinary incontinence in pregnant women and effects of pelvic floor exercises

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Physical Activity and Exercise During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period

Abstract of the Week: May 1, 2018 Activity Guidelines During and Following Pregnancy

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